Your customers agree to a subscription to benefit from managing their stations and cards online. A subscription contains the product and features available to a customer for a certain price, and forms the contractual relationship between you and your customer. Depending on your customer, you can offer different subscription types:

  • Billing plans
  • Enterprise plans.

Billing plans

Standard business and consumer accounts select a billing plan when activating their assets. Billing plans are asset-based subscriptions, which means they apply to a card or station. Every asset in a standard account is activated with a separate subscription. The subscription contains terms and conditions, country availability, and charging features.

You can make different subscriptions available to your standard accounts by creating products and plans with different pricing or eligibility. This means that you can assign pricing or payment terms to a billing plan in accordance with the features, country, and account type. In doing so, you offer your customers more flexibility when they activate their assets, as it allows them to choose a billing plan that best suits how they intend to use them.

Enterprise plans

You can offer your business customers a tailored subscription through enterprise plans. Enterprise plans are account-based subscriptions, which means they apply to the account and all stations and cards in it rather than to an individual asset. The subscription contains the features available to the account, such as charging profiles or public charging, based on what you agreed with your customer. It also contains the pricing applicable to all AC connectors, DC connectors, and public charge cards active in the account. 

Unlike billing plans, you can't create different enterprise plans for customers to choose from. Instead, you negotiate the subscription pricing, features, and terms with your customer up-front. After signing a contract outside of Everon, you create the account with an enterprise plan.

This type of subscription is ideal for your business accounts that manage large amounts of assets, such as fleet or site managers. It saves them the hassle of activating every asset with a separate subscription. You can activate assets directly in the account without their approval, as the subscription terms are already agreed outside of Everon. In addition, you can offer the service of managing the account for your customer, because accounts on an enterprise plan don't need an account owner. 

Enterprise plans are currently not available to all tenants

If you're interested in having enterprise plans enabled for your tenant, contact your sales or customer success representative.