Release date 

Changes and improvements

Updates to the EV Charge app

Affected users:


To increase performance, speed up loading times, and improve your experience, we’ve made some features fully native in both iOS and Android apps:

  • Start and stop charging at your own station, and keep track of ongoing sessions (updated roughly every 15 minutes).
  • View your charge card history, and download up to a year’s worth of charging sessions on your charge card.

We've also made more improvements, including:

  • You can now copy text from the app (iOS users only)
  • Tapping the back button on a station’s details now returns you to the map instead of closing the app (Android users only)
  • Filter stations by connector types available in your area (EU or US)
  • Pages using the WebView now show the correct date formats

Additional information for CallError messages in station logs

Affected users:

  • Tenant access: Tenant admin, customer support, support agent, and technical support users
  • (Sub) account access: Account owner, Account admin, driver


We've made it easier for support to diagnose errors using the station logs. When a CallError message is returned, it now displays additional information including the message type and payload of what caused the error. This change doesn't apply retroactively - it applies to messages from late July onwards.

We've also added a CallError label next to the message header, which makes filtering easier.

Charging profiles only displayed if a station supports them

Affected users:

  • Tenant access: Tenant admin, customer support, support agent, and technical support users


The charging profiles tab previously appeared for all stations, regardless of whether the station supported charging profiles. As part of our latest update, charging profiles will no longer be displayed for stations that don't support them.

Updates to Profile page

Affected users:

  • All users


We've refreshed the design of the Profile page that contains basic information about a user. In addition, if a user changes their password they'll now be logged out of all active sessions immediately and have to log in with their updated credentials. 

Bug fixes

Sub-account owners and sub-account admins couldn't access billing plans

When sub-account owners and sub-account admins tried accessing the billing plan for their card or station, the screen remained in a loading state and a "Forbidden" banner appeared. This is fixed.

Default language set on the tenant wasn't applied to new account setup

The default language that's set on the tenant wasn't applied to new account setup. The platform considered English as the default language, regardless of the language set as default on the tenant. This is now resolved.

Known issues

Stations displaying incorrectly on Map

Some tenants are experiencing issues with how stations are displayed on the Map. Despite stations having the correct coordinates and addresses, they are displaying in Amsterdam on the Map. We are working to resolve this.