Release date 

Changes and improvements

Added validation logic for VAT numbers
  • Affected users:
    • Tenant access: Tenant admin and customer support users
    • Account access: Business account owners, business sub-account owners
  • Description:
    The system now checks whether VAT numbers follow the correct EU format when entered in the billing information and legal entity forms. This means it's less likely that users provide fake numbers, making it easier for tenants to invoice their customers properly.

Customers not based in the EU

This is a first version of this release. Customers that aren't based in the EU are advised to enter an 8-10 digit VAT number that isn't preceded by a country code, to avoid the system rejecting the number. Customers based in the USA aren't impacted by this change.

Impact to activation flows

If customers provided an invalid EU number for their account, they may experience difficulty completing station or card activation. To solve this:

  • Tenant admins or customer support users can go to the account → open the Billing plan tab → enter a valid VAT number → click Save.
  • Account owners or account admins can update the VAT number in the billing plan step, or click the initials in the top toolbar → select Account → go to the Billing plan tab → enter a valid VAT number → click Save.

Afterwards, it should be possible to complete activation.

Improved consistency in terminology for asset operation options
  • Affected users:
    • Tenant access: Tenant admin, customer support, support agent users
  • Description:
    Every sprint, we pick up minor improvements to ensure our user interface is consistent. This sprint, we updated the buttons for importing assets, so that we use terminology consistently in the dashboard, cards, and stations management pages. To import stations or cards in bulk, you can now select Upload stations or Upload cards. To import single stations or cards, select Import station or Import card.

Bug fixes

Filtering by status wasn't possible in stations list

When viewing all stations through stations management, it wasn't possible to filter the stations list by activation status after selecting a different page size. This was fixed.

Some widgets were displayed with unnecessary spacing

Widgets next to connector widgets on a station's overview or assistance tab were filled with additional spacing if the station had a lot of connectors. We've made all widgets more responsive, so that they're displayed better regardless of their content type.

Redundant site checkbox appeared on location tab

A site checkbox and disclaimer were displayed on the location tab for tenant users, even when the account didn't have sites. This was fixed.

Some users couldn't finish their registration with the EV Charge app

Some users couldn't complete their registration in the EV Charge app because autocorrect put a space after their name. This also affected their ability to log in to the system via the browser after completing registration. This was fixed.

It wasn't possible to use geo-coordinates to activate stations in rural locations

Users couldn't complete station activation if they only added geo-coordinates and the station had a rural location. This was fixed.

It wasn't possible to correct an invalid station serial number

When users entered an invalid serial number during station import, it wasn't possible to solve it and they had to exit the flow and start again. We fixed this issue, and took the opportunity to include additional guidance in the user interface, explaining the expected format and where to find the serial number.

Known issues

Operator isn't shown for EVBox stations in the EV Charge app

In the EV Charge app, the operator field is blank on Android devices or appears as Not provided on iOS devices for EVBox stations. This only happens when those stations are active in the same tenant environment as the EV Charge app.

*Doesn't affect all tenants.