Release date 

Changes and improvements

Improved loading speed of station assistance page
  • Affected users:
    • Tenant access: Tenant admin, Technical support, Customer support, Support agent
  • Description:
    We made some backend changes, and the station assistance page now loads faster.

Stop running transactions through Business Portal
  • Affected users:
    • Tenant access: Tenant admin, customer support, support agent
    • Account access: Account owner, account admin, sub-account owner, sub-account admin
  • Description:
    We've extended the station troubleshooting options available in Business Portal by adding the possibility to stop an ongoing transaction.

Bug fixes

Certain stations reported the incorrect year in transaction dates

Some stations incorrectly reported that the year in a transaction date was 1970 or 2010. This is resolved.

Maximum current widget wasn't visible

The maximum current widget is now appearing correctly in the station assistance page. Note that this widget is only displayed for certain types of station. 

Duplicate messages were sent to SMATCH

Everon sent duplicate messages to SMATCH during each data transfer from the station. Although the duplicate message was ignored, this behavior is now fixed. 

Transactions for certain DC stations reported as 0kWh

Transactions for certain DC stations were sometimes reported as 0kWh, even though meter values were correctly reported. This is resolved.

Known issues

Roaming admins can't log in

Users who are assigned only the Roaming admin role can't log into Everon. They need additional permissions to access the platform. 

Some users are unable to access the platform* 

A small number of users can't access the platform, even after attempting to reset their passwords. We are working to resolve this issue.

*Doesn't affect all tenants.