Eichrecht is a German calibration law that requires all components involved in the collection and processing of energy to operate in a trustworthy and transparent way. The aim of Eichrecht is to protect electricity consumers, including those who charge their EVs at stations across Germany. Both the hardware and software components of the charging infrastructure must provide a solution that: 

  • Accurately measures energy and only charges consumers for the kWh energy they use.

  • Provides consumers with the ability to verify that their invoice is accurate, i.e. ensuring they were charged for the correct amount of energy, and data from the charging station was not modified by a third party such as CPO or eMSP.  

To meet these requirements, charging stations must have a certified energy meter which correctly calibrates the kWh energy used and physically displays this value to consumers. The charging station encrypts this information before sending it to other systems, in order to prevent third parties from changing the data. 

Everon and Eichrecht

Charge Point Operators can use Everon as the software component in their charging infrastructure to become Eichrecht compliant. They also require hardware that's Eichrecht compliant. Consumers can verify the measurement data, which is provided using Everon and the Eichrecht compliant hardware, using transparency software.

We currently support several Eichrecht compliant charging stations in Everon. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative to learn more.

The Eichrecht compliant hardware digitally signs and encrypts the measurement data, before sending it to Everon through OCPP. This is done to protect a charging transaction’s key data and avoid any tampering of it. Below is an example of the encrypted measurement data that Everon receives:


Everon stores this data and makes it visible from the transaction details for a charging card.

Accounts can access the measurement data - for example, via Everon platform login. CPOs should inform consumers of the transparency software used to verify compliance of a transaction. As a member of S.A.F.E. (Software Alliance for E-mobility), Everon recommends using S.A.F.E.'s independent Transparenzsoftware for verification.

Consumers verify the correctness of the measurement data by copying the values provided by Everon and pasting them into the transparency software. The transparency software uses the following information to verify the data:

  • Digital signature.

  • Public key. This is a unique identifier which is applied to the Eichrecht compliant charging station and meters.

Once the transparency software performs the verification, consumers can reliably know how much energy they used during their charging session and how much they were charged.