With your Everon tenant, you can manage your EV charging business. Using the platform, you can manage your charging stations, cards, propositions, roaming networks, and even set up a support network.

This extensive software guide is aimed at helping you to set up and manage your tenant in the best possible way.

Navigating the platform

Use the tenant platform index as your glossary of the platform, in case you aren't sure who can see a particular screen or what a specific field does.

Navigation is straightforward. Each item in the sidebar covers a different module of the platform:

  • Dashboard: Provides instant insights into your entire tenant environment.
  • Cards: Displays an overview of all cards present in the tenant, each of which navigates to detailed information about the specific card.
  • Stations →
    • Management: Displays a dashboard of all stations imported into the tenant environment.
    • Charging profiles: Displays an overview of all global charging profiles created by a tenant admin.
  • Users →
    • Customers: Lists all account and sub-account users.
    • System users: Lists of all tenant users.
  • Accounts: Lists all accounts present in the tenant environment.
  • Map: Displays all public stations active in the tenant environment.
  • Settings →
    • Languages: Lists all languages available to users of your platform.
    • Legal entities: Lists all legal entities created by a tenant admin.
    • Supported countries: Lists all countries in which the tenant operates.
    • Support links: Enables the possibility to provide customers with links to terms and conditions and contact information.
    • Notifications: Enables tenant admins to customize notifications that come from the platform.
  • Branding: Enables the platform branding to be customized.
  • Billing plans →
    • Products: Lists all products created.
    • Plans: Lists all plans created based on available products.
  • Roaming 
    • Settings: Enables roaming configuration to be set for the tenant.
    • Connections: Lists all connections made with roaming partners.
    • Whitelisted cards: Lists all roaming partner (eMSP) cards that can be used at public stations within the tenant.
    • Locations: Lists all roaming partner (CPO) stations that can be used by the tenant's public card holders.
    • CDRs: Provides all accepted and rejected Charge Detail Records of roaming transactions that took place.

Easy first steps

If you're new to your tenant, try the customization steps below to get acquainted with the platform before moving onto your operations: