Welcome to the Everon API Reference. The central element of our APIs is the OpenAPI specification and its related toolset that makes it as easy as possible to use APIs. These tools enable you to generate static documentation, run an interactive API browsing UI, and last but not least, generate high level clients for various programming languages that ensures interaction with these APIs is convenient, and most of the time, type-safe.

Browsing the specification

Probably the most popular tool to browse OpenAPI specifications is Swagger UI. The easiest way to try out is to check out the live demo and enter the URL of the API specification to be explored in the top bar. If you want to run it yourself then pull and run the Docker image as described here in the Docker section.

First interaction with the APIs

Note that Swagger UI not only allows you to browse the API but you can also try it out. Select the Authorize option and set up your authorization key in order to use the service. You will see the request and response details and on top of that a Curl command that let's you try it out from the command line too.

If your preference is Postman to try the API out it's also simple, just don't forget to set up the Authorization header to execute your requests.

Generating clients

Depending on your architecture context it might be desirable to take advantage of automatically generated clients for these APIs. We recommend using the generator tools from OpenAPITools that provides both a large set of supported languages and good documentation on getting started.