As a result of the e-mobility industry's rapid growth, many companies have started offering EV charging solutions to their employers. For example, by installing charging stations at the office, providing EV lease options, or both. Those companies can face a challenge when trying to find a solution that enables them to manage this infrastructure. Through Everon, you can provide employers with an all-round and flexible solution, enabling their employees to charge at home, at the workplace, and even on the go.

What features are there available for workplace and fleets?

There are three main platform features employers can use to set up their use case:

  • Everon's account hierarchy enables employers to manage their employees, subsidiaries, or affiliates.
  • Community charging enables free charging between accounts and sub-accounts, allowing employees to charge at the workplace or other company locations for free.
  • Employee reimbursement automatically compensates lease drivers for their utility expenses when charging a company EV at home.

In addition to the features that support workplace and fleet use cases, our Business Portal is dedicated to helping your business customers manage their site, facility, or fleet.

Community charging and employee reimbursement only work in combination with an account hierarchy setup.

Which workplace and fleet use cases does Everon support?

Your business customers can apply Everon features flexibly depending on their needs. We've highlighted some of the use cases in the next pages, so that you can advise your customers on setting up their business in the platform.