Release date 

Changes and improvements

Map and geo-coordinates available on station location tab
  • Affected users:
    • Tenant access: Tenant admin, Customer support, Technical support, Support agent
    • (Sub)-Account access: Account owner, account admin, driver
  • Description:
    We've added geo-coordinates and a map to the station location tab. This means users can now specify a station's location after activation, by adding geo-coordinates or dragging the map to pinpoint the station.

Bug fixes

Some users had duplicate user IDs in the database

A small amount of users that had updated their email address maintained the same ID, which meant they appeared twice in the database under the same identifier. This resulted in those users no longer being able to log in. This was fixed.

Drivers couldn't start charging using the EV Charge app

Drivers weren't able to start a charging session using a tenant's version of the EV Charge app. This was fixed.

Known issues

Tenant system users receive error after logging in

An "Unauthorized" error appears on the dashboard when tenant users with the following roles log in to the platform: billing plan admin, branding specialist, roaming admin, technical support. They can still use all features available to them in the platform.

Users receive "Bad request" error when logging out*

When users log out of the platform, they see a "Bad request" error message.

Using geo-coordinates to activate stations doesn't work for rural locations
Users can't complete station activation if they only add geo-coordinates in the location step. This only applies to rural areas. Completing activation is possible using geo-coordinates as long as an address is also provided.

*Doesn't affect all tenants.