Release date 

Changes and improvements

Improvements to managing station location

Affected user roles

  • Tenant access: Tenant admin, Customer support, Technical support, Support agent.
  • (Sub-)Account access: Account admin.

Affected flows


As part of our ongoing improvements to managing station location, we've added a checkbox for you to confirm whether your station belongs to a site. If you select the checkbox but the account to which a station belongs doesn't have a site created, the Location page displays a message informing you of this. This change is the first step towards providing a better experience for users when editing station location.

Bug fixes

Users redirected to Dashboard page after logging in 
When users tried to access a specific page in the platform via a link but they were not logged in, they were redirected to the login page. After logging in, they were navigated to the Dashboard page instead of the link they were trying to access initially. This impacted flows whereby users are given a direct link to access something in the platform. For example, account owners who received an email requesting them to complete activation of their assets were unable to do so. This has been fixed and users are now navigated directly to the correct link location after login.

Some users were unable to access the platform* 
A small number of users couldn't access the platform or reset their password. This issue has been fixed.

Known issues

We're working on these issues from previous sprints:

*Not applicable to all tenants.