Release date 

Changes and improvements

UX improvements in the EV Charge app

Affected users:


To improve the experience of EV Charge app users, we've made the following changes: 

  • Current session screen: The app uses more accurate labels to describe whether a charge card or credit card is used to authorize a charging session. Previously, charge cards and credit cards were both grouped under the "Payment methods" label.
  • Session report screen: Reimbursable amount is only displayed if users will be reimbursed for their charging. Previously, the app displayed 0.000 if users weren't entitled to reimbursement.
  • Sessions and Session report screens: It's now clearer when your receipt is downloading in the app. Previously, users were uncertain if the download was in progress.

UI copy adjustments for a better experience

We've made some changes to platform copy to improve the overall user experience. These changes include:

  • Aligning the terms "Manufacturer" and "Station vendor", so the correct term "Station vendor" appears consistently in the UI.
  • Clearer information if users select the "Offline" and "Pending" widgets on the Station Management page and there are no stations to see.

Bug fixes

Confusing data displayed on the Everon Dashboard

We've improved the data that's displayed in the following graphs on the Everon Dashboard:

  • Cards: Previously users had to add at least 3 cards before the graph displayed data. This is now resolved and when users add a card, the graph displays it right away.
  • Stations: Previously users had to add at least 2 stations before the graph displayed data. This is now resolved and when users add a station, the graph displays it right away.

Greater-than sign (>) rendered incorrectly in Configuration tab

Some descriptions displayed in the Configuration tab of a station incorrectly rendered the greater-than sign as > instead of >. This issue is fixed.

Reimbursement value incorrectly displayed as 0

The reimbursement value was incorrectly set to 0 in transactions where certain older charge cards were used. This issue is resolved.

Known issues

Automated reimbursement option not displaying

Users can't enable automated reimbursement because this option isn't currently displayed in the Features tab of a card. We are fixing this issue.

Issues with assigning stations to a site

Some tenants are experiencing issues when assigning stations to a specific site, even though the site already already has other stations assigned. We are fixing this issue.

Missing tariffs on some EVSEs

Some EVSEs don't have any tariffs set in the Roaming database, even though the tariff is set in the UI and billing database. We are working to fix this issue.