Release date 

New features

You can now search for tenant system users

We've added search to the tenant system users page. This means tenant admin and customer support users can now quickly find other system users, making it easier to manage access to the tenant.

eMI3 ID available for ADVENIR stations

It's now possible to see and copy eMI3 IDs for connectors of public stations that are part of the ADVENIR program. This makes it easier for French public station owners to provide information to ADVENIR that's required to receive their subsidy.

To get connector eMI3 IDs, navigate to the station's overview. In the Connectors tile, click Show eMI3 IDs for ADVENIR to see the eMI3 IDs and use the copy icon to copy them.

Enable autostart through our Station capabilities API

You can now configure a station to skip authorization by enabling autostart using our Station capabilities API. By enabling autostart, users don't need to swipe their card or key fob to start a transaction, as the station starts charging when they plug in their vehicle. You can still retrieve the station's transactions using Billing API.

Not all stations support autostart, as it's an OCPP 2.0.1 optional feature. You can use Station capabilities API to find out whether a station supports it, and to discover other station capabilities.

We recommend that you only enable this feature if it's possible to control access to the station in other ways. This feature isn't compatible with:

Changes and improvements

OCPP token type added to transactions in Billing API

We've added the token type to transactions in Billing API, which means you can check which token was used to authorize a transaction. The available token types are based on the OCPP specification.

Debug mode enabled on EVBox Elvi stations by default

We now automatically enable debug mode for all EVBox Elvi stations that connect to Everon, including stations that were already connected. This means it's significantly easier for operators to get diagnostic data for EVBox Elvis. As a result, they're better equipped to monitor the health of those stations, and to ensure quicker resolution times should a station experience problems.

Completed CORS implementation for seamless experience

We've completed our implementation of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) to ensure a seamless experience for all of our users when navigating through the platform. This means users will no longer experience issues with their session, for example, being logged out when they navigate to a different tab in the platform or when they refresh the page. Instead, their session remains active and secured, so that they can continue to use the platform without needing to log in again.

Bug fixes

Stations were displaying incorrectly on the map

Some tenants experienced issues with how stations were displayed on the map. Despite stations having the correct coordinates and addresses, they were displayed in Amsterdam on the map. This issue is now resolved.

Known issues