Release date 

New features

Option to export a list of system users to CSV
  • Affected users:
    • Tenant access: Tenant admin
  • Description:
    It's now possible to export a list of system users from Everon to a CSV file. This makes it easier to retrieve information for auditing and security purposes. To export a list of your system users, go to Users → System Users and select Download CSV.The exported CSV file of system users contains their email address, first and last name, user role, status (i.e. blocked or active), and the name and ID of the tenant they belong to.

Business Portal is officially here and easy to reach through the platform
  • Affected users:
    • Tenant access: Tenant admin, customer support, support agent
    • Account access: Account owner, account admin, sub-account owner, sub-account admin
  • Description:
    Business Portal is officially launched and available to all of your business accounts, who can use it to optimize their processes and infrastructure. Before this week, users could reach Business Portal BETA by changing the link in the browser. Now, business account users can easily navigate to Business Portal using the link in the sidebar, and you can access a specific customer's Business Portal by going to their account and clicking the link in the overview. For more information about Business Portal, see our FAQ or visit the Business Portal guide for instructions.

Changes and improvements

Deactivated tokens can always be reactivated
  • Affected users:
    • Tenant access: Tenant admin, customer support
    • Account access: Account owners, sub-account owners
  • Description:
    Before, tokens (cards) could only be reactivated if they were deactivated with immediate effect. Tokens that were deactivated when the subscription ended can now be activated again as well. See card status and lifecycle or deactivating cards for more information.

Account owners don't receive a notification when users are invited to their account
  • Affected users:
    • Account access: Account owners, sub-account owners
  • Description:
    Account owners and sub-account owners no longer receive an email notification when a new user is invited to their account by a different user, such as an account admin, tenant admin, or customer support user.

Bug fixes

Reference was displayed as "Not provided" during station activation flow

When a station was activated on behalf of a customer through the tenant, the station “Reference” field was displayed as “Not provided” to the account owner when completing activation, even when the field had been filled in. The reference was shown correctly in the station page after activation is completed. This has been solved.

Selecting certain languages disrupted the account activation flow

Users were unable to click "Next" when activating their account after selecting certain languages, and therefore unable to set up their account. This was fixed.

Known issues

Technical support users are unable to reset stations

Technical support users receive a "Forbidden" error message when trying to reset a station.

*Doesn't affect all tenants.