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New features

Updates to the EV Charge app
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    New year, new features! We've kicked off 2021 by expanding the functionality in our EV Charge app to include:
    • Station management: The newly added "My stations" tab enables users to manage their stations from the app. Users can now start and stop a charging session, activate a station, update their station details and visibility, set charging profiles, and view their transactions and charging history from the EV Charge app.
    • User and account management: Users can manage their account details from the "More" tab of the app. From here, they can manage their profile settings, billing information, reimbursements, and view their billing history.
    • Greater price transparency: To make the price of public charging transactions clearer to users, the total cost now includes VATThis ensures that the EV Charge app complies with the Dutch Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM) regulations.
    • Ability to view ongoing charging sessions started with RFID: Users who start a charging session using their RFID card or token at a public station can see the ongoing charging session from the app. They can also see charging sessions which were started from the station assistance tab of the tenant portal. This functionality supports the EV Charge app's compliance with the Dutch ACM regulations.

Bug fixes

Account station admins couldn't see sub-account stations

It's wasn't possible for account station admins to see their sub-account stations. Only stations for their own accounts were visible. This issue is now resolved.

Incorrect year for January was displayed in the "From" field of a station transaction

The date picker selected an incorrect year for January in the "From" date in the Transactions tab of a station. For example, if you clicked the next arrow after "December 2019", then "January 2021" was displayed instead of "January 2020". This issue is now fixed.

Users received "Bad request" error when logging out*

When users logged out of the platform, they saw a "Bad request" error message. This is now resolved.

Technical Support users couldn't access "Assistance tab"

Tenant system users assigned the Technical Support role couldn't access the “Assistance“ tab in the Station details page. This issue is now fixed.

Account admins couldn't access billing plan on cards and stations

Users assigned the account admin role couldn't access the billing plans for cards and stations. This issue is now fixed.

Known issues

Inactive stations shared with eMSP partners

Inactive stations, i.e. stations which have been imported but not activated, are being shared with eMSP partners.

Some self-signup users can't log in after activation*

Some users who sign up for the platform can't log in after clicking the activation link.

*Doesn't affect all tenants.