In general, all stations that support OCPP 1.6 (JSON) can be connected to and managed in Everon. Our hardware integration program ensures the best support for features, configuration, and operation of OCPP 1.6 compliant charging stations. 

The program consists of a standard procedure to test the compatibility of different stations with Everon. This standard remote testing procedure aims to support and simplify the process of onboarding stations belonging to various manufacturers. We request station vendors to provide us with the necessary resources to thoroughly test their station with our hardware.

During testing, we check the station's compliance with Everon features and and note any differences from our standard processes, such as specific fields to enter during import or activation. After successful testing with a standard set of platform features, the hardware is categorized as VERIFIED.

Protocol version

All stations have been tested against OCPP version 1.6 unless otherwise specified.


Everon works with all EVBox charging stations that can connect to a backend. We've also tested how Everon integrates with a selection of other vendors. Below is an overview of these vendors and their station models.

We continuously add new models to this list. Contact us if a vendor you work with isn't on the list.