Everon builds hardware agnostic e-mobility charging management software. Our software supports communication with charging stations using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). This means that our software is compatible with OCPP charging stations that have undergone relevant testing.

When a station successfully connects to Everon, it establishes an OCPP connection that enables it to communicate with the platform and be managed remotely online.

In Everon, this process is as follows:

  • The station is imported into the platform. This adds it to the tenant's database, meaning it exists in the system and is recognized during activation.
  • The station is activated in an account, ready to be used.
  • After activation, the station connects to the internet and sends messages to the platform to establish an OCPP connection. This includes a BootNotification and a StatusNotification for each connector on the station.

Once connected, the platform and station can communicate via OCPP. This means the platform receives and displays information sent by the station, and vice versa. Read Connecting hardware to Everon for full instructions on how to connect a charging station to the platform.