EV Charge is Everon’s white-labelled charging app that you can provide to drivers as an extension of your tenant. Using the EV Charge app, drivers can find charging stations within your network, start and stop their charging sessions, and pay for charging on the go.

Main features

The EV Charge app offers the following features to drivers:

Ad-hoc payments

  • Pay per charging session

  • Charge at stations without needing a subscription

  • Start and stop transactions remotely using the app

  • Pay for charging transactions by credit card

  • Save credit cards in the app for future payments

  • View and download transaction receipts

Station finder

  • Search for stations within your public network based on location

  • Filter stations displayed on the map, based on criteria such as charging speed, connector type, or access method

  • Navigate to a selected station using apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze

  • See the availability of station connectors at a location

  • View pricing and service fees applicable to stations

No need to sign up

  • Download the app and use it right away

  • Find and charge at stations without having to register

  • GDPR compliant

  • Find and charge at stations within your network, without requiring an account in your tenant

  • Charge at stations anonymously

Additional features when drivers sign up

  • Pay for charging digitally using their charging card

  • View their charging history


As a CPO, you don't need to spend time developing an app which helps generate additional revenue streams. The EV Charge app contains the functionality required for providing drivers access to your public network.

By offering access to public stations within your network directly via ad-hoc payment, you can set an ad-hoc payment service fee. Instead of paying the eMSP service fees they normally pay using roaming cards, drivers can pay for their public charging transaction using their credit cards. You can charge drivers an additional ad-hoc payment service fee for providing this possibility.

The below diagram shows an overview of how the EV Charge app works: