Business Portal is an analytics-powered platform for your business accounts that run a fleet, operate sites, or both. It enables your customers to monitor and optimize their EV charging infrastructure, from identifying charging trends to tracking lease driver expenses.

Key features

Your customers can use Business Portal to simplify processes, reduce station downtime, and save costs. There are two views, allowing users to switch between fleet or site data as needed. Each view has its own key features:


  • Dashboard to monitor station health

  • Notifications when stations require troubleshooting

  • Real-time connector status and troubleshooting options

  • Statistics about positive environmental impact

  • Insights into charging trends and tariff revenue

  • Transaction reporting


  • Dashboard to monitor driver onboarding progress

  • Details about asset activation status

  • Statistics about positive environmental impact

  • Lease driver management

  • Insights into driver behavior and expenses

  • Transaction reporting


What training is available for Business Portal? 
Everon Academy has training readily available to help you or your customers get started in Business Portal. Contact your customer success or sales representative for more information. 

What documentation is available for Business Portal?
Our Business Portal guide contains instructions and information for your customers about using Business Portal. While the guide is aimed at your customers, your support staff may also benefit from it to understand how they can provide assistance if necessary.