Below are frequently asked questions from tenants regarding availability and accessibility of Business Portal.

About users

Who should use Business Portal?
Business Portal is for your business accounts, in particular those that are interested in optimizing their charging infrastructure. It benefits your customers that operate a fleet or sites, who can use it to make well-informed decisions about their assets.

Can sub-accounts / subsidiaries use Business Portal?
Sub-account owners and sub-account admins can use Business Portal if they have a business sub-account (subsidiary account). 

About access

How can I give customers access to Business Portal?
Your customers that own a business account can access Business Portal using the side navigation in the platform.

Who can use Business Portal?
Anyone with access to a business (sub-)account can use Business Portal, except users with the driver role. This means account owners can grant other users access to their account and Business Portal by inviting them as account admins, enabling them to share or outsource responsibilities.

Can customers limit access for certain users?
Account owners, account admins, and account station admins can view everything in Business Portal. Business Portal doesn't contain sensitive or personal user information that could be used maliciously.

Can I limit access to certain features?
Currently, Business Portal users can access all features. 

Can I limit access to selected customers only?
Currently, all of your business accounts can access Business Portal.

Can I see what my customers see in Business Portal to provide them support?
Tenant admin, customer support, or support agent users can access a customer's Business Portal directly through the account's overview.

About localization

Where is Business Portal available?
Business Portal is available in the EU, UK, and USA. 

In what languages is Business Portal available?
Business Portal is currently available in English, with plans to add more languages soon.

Does data change depending on the user's location?
Statistics about environmental impact change depending on the user's location:

  • Fuel replaced: Gallons in USA, liters in EU and UK

  • CO2 saved: Pounds in USA, kilograms in EU and UK.

About pricing

How much does Business Portal cost?
Business Portal is included in your Everon subscription. Contact your customer success or sales representative for more information on subscriptions, volume discounts, and pricing.

Can I charge my customers if I give them access to Business Portal?
Business Portal currently comes at no extra cost. You can always charge your business customers more for connected stations by pricing their station subscriptions differently.