The Map displays pins or clusters of public stations within the tenant and is visible to the following system users:

  • Tenant admin
  • Customer support
  • Support agent
  • Technical support

When the map is opened, it automatically zooms to the user's location.

Searching the map

Stations can be searched using the search bar to the top left of the map, and can be based on address, neighborhood, ZIP/Postal code, industrial area, or point of interest.

Filtering the map

The map can be filtered to only display relevant stations by clicking the filter icon next to the search bar and applying available filters:

Connector status

  • Available: A station that has a connector available for use.
  • Charging: A car is already connected to the station.
  • Occupied: The station has stopped charging, but a car is still connected.
  • Out of order: The station's connector cannot be used.
  • Unknown: The status of the station's connector is unknown.

Connector types

  • Type 2
  • Combo Type 2
  • CHAdeMO
  • Type 3C
  • Schuko
  • Type 1

Select a minimum charging power by adjusting the bar. This ranges from No minimum to 120 kW.

Viewing station details

Each station on the map is indicated with a pin. Areas that have a large concentration of charging stations are clustered by a circle. To zoom in and view all stations in that area, click the circle until the individual charging station pins appear.

The station pins have different colors and icons depending on the station's status:

  • Green: The station is available.
  • Blue: The station is charging your car.
  • Yellow: The station is occupied.
  • Red: The station is out of order.
  • Gray: The status of the station is unknown.

Station details appear when a specific pin is clicked. Details contain the following information:

  • The station's operator
  • The station's address (the directions icon next to the address opens Google Maps to navigate to the station)
  • Connector information:
    • Number of connectors
    • Connector type
    • Power type
    • Connector status
  • Pricing information. The extent of the pricing information provided depends on the information issued to the platform by the station provider or station owner, and can include:
    • Transaction fees set by the service provider (eMSP)
    • Transaction tariffs set by the station owner (connection, energy, or time)