Accounts contains an overview of all accounts and sub-accounts present within the tenant.

This is available to the following system user roles:

  • Tenant admin
  • Customer support

The overview contains the following information:

  • Number: Account number as defined by the legal entity billing number.
  • Name: The account name entered by the owner of the account.
  • Email address: The email address of the account's contact person.
  • Country: The country in which the account resides.
  • Type: Consumer or Business.

Searching for accounts

Accounts can be searched using the search bar above the accounts overview. The following parameters can be used to search for a station:

  • Account number
  • Account name
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Type (business or consumer)

Filtering the overview

The overview can be filtered using the drop-down selectors. It can be filtered by:

  • Account type:
    • Business: only show business accounts.
    • Consumer: only show consumer accounts.
    • All: show both business and consumer accounts.
  • Country: only show accounts for the selected country.

Sorting the overview

The overview can be sorted by clicking the column headers.