Stations communicate with the platform via OCPP. All OCPP payloads sent to and from the platform are stored in the station logs. This is a useful tool diagnostics tool, as the logs can help you identify any issues that the station may be experiencing. Based on the payload message, you may be able to solve it through the assistance or firmware options in the platform. If not, you should document the issue to provide a concrete root cause to second line support.

Each log is displayed with a date, exact time, and event type. When an entry in the list is clicked, the log expands to show the specific payload that was sent to or from the station.

To access the station logs:

  1. Go to Stations → Management.
  2. Search and click the customer’s station.
  3. Open the Station logs tab.

Each log is indicated with a date, exact time, and event. The logs can be expanded to view the specific payload sent to or from the station by clicking on the entry in the overview.

You can view any activity that took place on the station within the last 30 days. To do this, select dates in the From and To calendar pickers.

To search for a particular event, use the search bar next to the calendar pickers.

To download station logs in JSON format:

  1. Select the relevant dates in the From and To calendar pickers. Note that the selection must be within the past 30 days.
  2. Click Download JSON.