Everon provides you with a number of technical troubleshooting options for helping your customers. You can access these troubleshooting options from the following tabs on each station:

  • Firmware: See the firmware version installed on the station and update or downgrade it if necessary.
  • Assistance: Contains multiple widgets with which you can provide remote assistance.
  • Station logs: Displays OCPP payload messages between the platform and the station and can help you identify the root cause of any issues the station has experienced.

Connector statuses

You can quickly identify whether or not the connector is experiencing a problem by viewing its status. 

Go to Stations → Management. In the Connector status widget, the status of all connectors on the station is shown.

Connector status


Possible actions


The connector is available for charging. 

Any possible actions available for the station, from starting a transaction to updating its firmware.


The station is currently charging a car.

Stop a transaction, reset the station, or unlock its connector.


A car is still connected to the station but fully charged.

Stop a transaction, reset the station, or unlock its connector.

Out of order

The station is experiencing a problem and cannot be used.

Reset the station, update the firmware, or check the station logs to try and determine the root cause.


The station has lost its OCPP connection to the platform.

Escalate to technical or second line support.