One of the many benefits to operating an Everon tenant is that your customers are able to do almost everything themselves. From signing up to an account to remote troubleshooting, customers of your platform can manage their EV charging as they wish. The platform caters to many different use cases. For that reason, your clients can make a selection between two different account types. Consumer accounts are intended for customers who wish to manage their charging cards and stations privately, whereas business accounts are dedicated to companies that either offer charging facilities to EV drivers, or operate an EV fleet.

Education and guidance

We have user guides available for consumer and business accounts, and driver sub-accounts. These guides should help your customers to understand the possibilities within their particular account type, and how to use the features available to them.

Managing customers

While your customers are able to do almost everything themselves, they might request you to manage their account or stations and cards for them. It could even be the case that managing your customers and their EV charging is your business strategy. Everon enables management directly from the tenant, from inviting customers to enabling features for particular accounts.