A role is a set of permissions that is assigned to a user. A distinction is made between system users and customers, both of which can be assigned different roles.The permission sets associated with a role define the actions that a user who has been assigned the role is able to perform. For example, a branding specialist only has access to the branding module.

Tenant level roles are those that can be assigned to tenant system users. These are other users of the tenant platform, intended for helping you to manage it. Each system user can have one or more of the following roles:

  • Tenant admin: can perform all platform actions.
  • Branding specialist: can brand the platform.
  • Billing plan admin: can set up billing plans.
  • Roaming admin: can set up roaming.
  • Customer support: support role intended to remotely assist with cards, stations, and user problems.
  • Technical support: support role intended to remotely assist with station problems.
  • Support agent: support role that cannot access billing information.

You can stack these roles according to how you wish to set up your the administration or support services within the tenant. For example, giving a second or third line support user both the Customer support and Technical support roles.

Overview of permissions

The permission sets that apply to the various system roles can be incredibly complex. The table below contains a general overview of what each role is able to do:

Tenant adminBranding specialistBilling plan adminRoaming adminCustomer supportTechnical supportSupport agent
View the dashboard(tick)

Import & activate cards(tick)

Import & activate stations(tick)

Access station Terminal & Configuration(tick)

Create (tenant level) charging profiles(tick)

Assign charging profiles(tick)

Invite & manage customers(tick)


Invite & manage system users(tick)


View the map(tick)

Set default language(tick)

Create & manage legal entities(tick)

Create & manage supported countries(tick)

Set up support links(tick)

Edit notification details(tick)

Edit the platform's branding(tick)(tick)

Create & manage billing plans(tick)

Set up & manage roaming connections(tick)


View whitelisted cards(tick)


Account level roles

Account level roles are those that can apply to your customers' accounts. There are multiple roles available on this level:

  • Account owner (on an account and sub-account level): customer of the tenant or tenant's customer who has signed up for an account. Can perform all activities available to them.
  • Account admin: system user of the account owner to help with administration activities.
  • Driver: customer of the account owner. A driver can only view the platform.

Tenants are not able to invite account level system users to use the platform. This can only be done by the account's Account owner or Account admin.