A user is anyone who has access to the platform. A distinction is made between two different types of user in the tenant: System users and Customers.

System users

System users are administrative users that help to manage the platform, depending on their role.

To export a list of system users in your tenant, go to Users  System Users and select Download CSV

The exported list of system users contains their email address, first and last name, user role, status (active or blocked), and the tenant name and ID. This information is useful for auditing and security purposes.


Customers are split into two categories:

  • Clients: Direct customers of your tenant (Account owners).
  • End-users: Customers of your business clients.

Account owners can also invite users to help manage the platform. Business Accounts can invite both customers (sub-account owners or drivers) and system users to use the platform. Consumer Accounts can only invite system users to help them manage the platform.