Accounts can create a site to help them manage multiple stations located at the same address. 
Tenant system users can't create a site. However, if an account has created a site, tenant system users can assign stations to it. This is possible for users assigned the roles of Tenant admin, Customer support, Technical support, or Support agent.

To assign a station to a site:

  1. Go to Stations → Management.
  2. Search and click the station.
  3. Open the Location tab.
  4. Select This station belongs to a site.
  5. Search for the site name and click Assign

The station uses the same address as the site it is assigned to. Use the map to specify the station's exact location at a site's address. This helps drivers to find stations that are located within bigger sites, such as parking lots. To specify the station's location, you can either:

  • Drag the pin to the exact location on the map. This automatically populates the coordinates of the station.
  • Enter the coordinates in decimal degrees format. For example, 52.3406297. This automatically moves the pin to the location of the coordinates on the map.

Adding map coordinates for a station that belongs to a site doesn't change the address fields. 

Remove a station from a site

To remove a station from a site:

  1. Go to Stations → Management.
  2. Search and click the station.
  3. Open the Location tab.
  4. Click Unassign or clear the This station belongs to a site option.

The station is no longer associated with the site, but keeps the site's address information. 

If the station's location has changed, make the necessary changes to the address fields and click Save.