Everon’s roaming module is available to all tenants, and a useful tool for setting up roaming or providing support.

Using the roaming module, you can:

  • Configure roaming settings

  • Set up P2P connections with their roaming partners

  • Download CDRs

  • Provide support

Tenant support users can use information available in the roaming module and other platform features to provide assistance to drivers. There are five tabs available in the roaming module:



Roles with access


Used to configure the tenant’s basic roaming settings.

  • Tenant admin

  • Roaming admin


Used to establish P2P OCPI connections with roaming partners.

  • Tenant admin

  • Roaming admin

Whitelisted cards

Lists all cards shared by eMSP roaming partners, including information about their issuer and their validity. You can use this tab to provide support to EV drivers.

  • Tenant admin

  • Roaming admin

  • Customer support

  • Support agent

  • Technical support


Lists all stations shared by CPO roaming partners

You can use this tab to provide support to EV drivers if they have a user role that gives them access.

Locations also appear on the tenant map, which users with support roles can refer to instead

  • Tenant admin

  • Roaming admin


Contains charge detail records (CDRs) to invoice roaming partners or dispute invoices.

  • Tenant admin

  • Roaming admin