Your customers with public charge cards can use them at stations in your network. This includes public stations operated by CPOs with which you have established a roaming connection.

Everon ensures that roaming data is exchanged with your roaming partners as follows:

  • A nightly data pull at 02:00 AM GMT+1, to retrieve the latest data from connected roaming partners.
  • A real-time data push when a card or station is updated, for example, it's blocked or made public.

A card might not work at a roaming partner's station if its roaming data is out of sync. To synchronize the card data with your roaming partner's database:

  1. Go to Cards.
  2. Search and click the card in the overview.
  3. Open the Roaming tab:
    • To synchronize the data for a particular connection, click the synchronize icon for that connection.
    • To synchronize all roaming connections made, scroll down and click Synchronize all.