There are two ways in which you can import cards into your tenant:

  • Card import offers a widget with which you can easily provide a single card's details.
  • CSV import enables you to import a large amount of cards at one time.

After you've successfully imported cards, they are ready to be activated and used.

Import a single card

To import an individual card, you'll need to have the card's Contract ID and RFID nearby to fill in the form. Generally speaking, these can be found on the back of a charge card or key fob.

  1. Go to Cards and click the + icon to the bottom right of the screen. Alternatively, click the + icon in the Dashboard.
  2. Select Import card.
  3. Enter the card's Contract ID.
  4. Enter the card's RFID.
  5. Click Save to import the card. If you don't want to import the card, click Cancel.

You should be navigated to the card's overview. If you want to import another card directly afterwards, click the Import another checkbox. Instead of being navigated to the Cards overview, you can fill in a new form.

Import cards in bulk

You can import cards in bulk by uploading a CSV file.

You must structure and format the file as follows:

RFIDContract ID
  • The headers are mandatory and case sensitive.
  • The number of rows must not exceed 5001 including the header.
  • Items in the CSV file must be separated by semicolons.
  • In case of a failure, only the first 100 errors are displayed.

To import cards in bulk:

  1. Create your CSV file. Make sure to follow the formatting advice.
  2. Go to Cards and click the + icon. Alternatively, click + in the Dashboard.
  3. Select Upload cards.
  4. Click Import.
  5. Follow the prompts or instructions on your device to select and upload the file.

After import, you're navigated to the Cards overview, where you can find all of the cards that exist in your tenant.