EV drivers use RFID cards to authenticate their charging sessions at a station. You can import and activate the following types of card to the platform: RFID cards, key fobs with an RFID, and other RFID-containing objects. 

In addition to the physical RFID, you must assign a Contract ID to your charge cards. The Contract ID serves as an extra identifier for the card, and Everon requires it to follow eMI3 format. This format is an industry standard, and contains information about your organization such as your issuer and country code. Using a standardized format ensures that card providers or eMSPs always share the same type of data, resulting in fewer problems when it comes to public charging and roaming.

Tokens API

Our API for managing cards refers to them as "tokens", and is therefore called Tokens API. The API enables you to import, create, activate, and manage charging access for physical RFID cards, as well as digitally generated tokens or credit cards.

Cards overview

If you provide cards to your customers, you can see them through the Cards overview after import.

You can see this overview if you have any of the following roles:

  • Tenant admin
  • Customer support
  • Support agent

Cards must be active before customers can use them to charge.

Credit cards

Tenants who have their own version of the EV Charge app with ad-hoc payment enabled can also see credit cards in their Cards overview. You can see relevant details about charging sessions that take place using a credit card, to track transactions or provide support if necessary.