Station owners who offer stations to the public must enter their reimbursement details before setting their station to public. This is to ensure that they receive the revenue gained from public transactions that take place on their station, based on the tariff(s) they have set for the use of the station.

Setting up settlements

  1. Go to Accounts.
  2. Search and select the account in the overview.
  3. Open the Reimbursement tab.
  4. Edit or enter the bank details for the party that should receive the transaction tariff settlement:
    • Name on bank account
    • IBAN
    • Reimbursement rate in CURR (optional)

      Any amount entered in this field only applies to the amount of energy consumed during private charging transactions. It is therefore not required for transaction tariff settlements.

  5. If the information is correct, click Save to make the changes. If you wish to revert the changes before saving, click Cancel.