An account's reimbursement tab can be used to either set up station owner settlements or driver reimbursement. Its main purpose is to gather the account's bank details and reimbursement rate for private transactions.

An integration with Everon's Billing Engine is the easiest way to set up the automatic reimbursement flow.

Automatic reimbursements

Owners of business accounts are able to set a reimbursement rate for their drivers. For example, fleet managers or employers who wish to reimburse drivers of company cars. The reimbursable amount is automatically calculated based on this rate for all private transactions on the driver's station. This requires the following:

  • The driver must be invited as a sub-account to the business account.
  • The station and card used by the driver must be activated in their sub-account to generate private transactions.

Editing reimbursement settings

To set up a reimbursement rate for a business account's driver:

  1. Go to Accounts.
  2. Search and select the account in the overview.
  3. Open the Reimbursement tab.
  4. Edit or enter the bank details for the driver that is to be reimbursed:
    • Name on bank account
    • IBAN
    • Reimbursement rate in CURR: the amount per kWh consumed during the private transaction.

  5. If the information is correct, click Save to make the changes. If you wish to revert the changes before saving, click Cancel.

Manual reimbursement for account owners

Account owners are also able to enter a reimbursement rate for their own account. This way, the platform calculates an amount that they should be reimbursed for their own private transactions, which can be viewed on their transaction report. They can then use this for reimbursement purposes, for example, they could download their station's transaction report and attach it to an expense form.