In Everon, a legal entity can be defined as the party that offers subscriptions to tenant customers for the services it provides. 

Supported countries are those in which your legal entity operates. One legal entity can be supported in multiple countries. For example, a CPO operating in the Benelux. Their legal entity can be supported in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Billing plans are linked to supported countries, as they contain products which can be offered in a particular supported country. When a customer signs up to use the platform and activates their account, they select the country in which they reside from a drop-down list. This list contains all of the supported countries you have created in your tenant. In turn, when a customer activates an asset, they select a billing plan that is based on a particular product. They only see billing plans containing products that have been made available for the country in which their account resides.

In short, legal entities, supported countries, and billing plans are interrelated:

  • Billing plans (subscriptions) contain products.
  • A product is available in a particular supported country.
  • Supported countries are countries in which a legal entity offers its services to accounts.